Smart Thermostats

  • iaoos™ Smart Thermostats control your heating automatically and can help you save up to 25% on your annual energy bills. Working with wireless communication, smartphone applications and location services, our Smart range of heating controllers work with both underfloor heating and traditional central heating systems. Make a smart decision today and take control of your energy usage whilst enjoying beautifully optimised heating, effortlessly.
  • SmartGeo

    iaoos’s own technology, SmartGeo, works using the location services built into smartphones. This, combined with routine learning technology, optimises your heating so that it runs as efficiently as possible.
  • AutoSwitch

    The AutoSwitch feature can search through the best energy tariffs available and switch you automatically, every year. So you are always getting the best deal and will never overpay on energy bills again.
  • Control From Your Smartphone

    iaoos™ 4iE and 5iE work with the MyHeating app available on the Google Play Store and the App Store. If you don’t use Android or iOS, we’ve got you covered, simply control your system from your browser with my.iaoos web app.
  • Easy To Set Up

    Setting the 4iE or 5iE up takes just a few simple steps. The device does not require programming and works automatically to control your heating system.

MyHeating: Saving you 25% on your energy bills

Use a iaoos™ Smart Thermostat alongside our MyHeating app, featuring SmartGeo technology.

  • More intelligent than simple occupancy sensing thermostats
  • Uses less energy than standard geo-fencing thermostats
  • Saves you up to 25% on your annual energy bills.
  • Works with zoned heating systems.

AutoSwitch: Saving you an average of £210 a year

Download iaoos’s AutoSwitch app to your Smartphone for continual efficiency and cost savings.

  • Uses automatic tariff switching
  • Keeps you on the best tariff available for you and your heating requirements.
  • Use with MyHeating to obtain a combined saving of up £378 on your annual energy bills

Technical Specifications

Dimensions (H/W/D): 90 x 110 x 18mm
Sensors Air and floor/ambient (can be extended to 50m)
Installation depth 35 mm back box
IP rating IP33
Er-P Class IV
Guarantee 3 years with Extended Lifetime Warranty available